DISH Network Ranked #1 in Latest J.D. Power Study

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November 14th, 2016 by

Dedicated fans have long known DISH Network as the premier satellite television provider, but the company is receiving special recognition for its efforts this past year. According to the latest J.D. Power results from the annual U.S. Residential Television Service Provider Satisfaction Study, DISH was the highest overall provider for the North Central region in customer satisfaction.

This award was given out based on six categories, which included Billing, Communication, Cost, Programming, Performance and Customer Service. DISH Network received five out of five (among the best) Power Circle Ratings in all categories but programming, where it received four out of five (better than most).

DISH performed extremely well in the other three regions, with top-tier marks across the board in regards to the aforementioned criteria.

Dish Trophy

The company proved it could not only hang with the cable providers, but also beat them at offering the best customer service and values in the country. DISH’s ever-expanding lineup of hardware and programming options deserve a ton of credit for their performance in this survey.

The satellite television provider has come up with a number of unique offerings since the results of the 2015 J.D. Power study came out. DISH Network was rated the highest in overall satisfaction in the West region last year, and that was prior to breakthrough improvements like the Flex Pack—which lets users package and purchase TV bundles—and Hopper 3 and HopperGO products, which introduced first-to-market innovations and changed the DVR game.

DISH should only continue to gain ground as they introduce more exciting products and services to the subscription television market. The company has already added 4k video support, apps and upgraded storage to its line of best-in-class DVR products. The future should only hold more stunning achievements, as well as maintaining the best customer service and overall satisfaction in the industry.

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Based on the average American Customer Satisfaction Index comparison of major TV providers (2010-2015). 2Based on a nationwide study of signal reception by DISH customers.
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"DISH is cheaper, better deal, best customer service. DISH's equipment is user-friendly and easy to use."

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"Customer service is better, pricing better and DISH has no hidden charges."

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"DISH has some really great features. The DVR has a huge amount of space which has been awesome given that everyone in the family records programs. We have really enjoyed using DISH and would recommend it."

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"Love the Hopper and all it has to offer. DISH is the best with service and quality everything that you want without having to go elsewhere. Great service techs. Wouldn't go anywhere else."