The Incredible Power of DISH’s Voice Remote

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October 3rd, 2016 by

DISH Network has long been at the forefront of advancing television technology. The company has been an innovator in the satellite entertainment space and continues to move the needle. The company recently set the bar for DVR quality with the release of the Hopper 3 and now also offers the best remote in the business to go with it. The main reason why the Voice Remote is so great is that it can be activated and controlled by voice, a seemingly futuristic touch that is actually here and making life so much easier for the user.

1. Home 2. Voice Control 3. Touchpad 4. Pause/Play

1. Home
2. Voice Control
3. Touchpad
4. Pause/Play

This is an incredible technological achievement in remote controls, as the size is scaled back compare to normal remotes, yet packs so much more power. The device recognizes natural voice commands and responds by crisply changing the channel, recording a show, searching through the list of titles saved to the DVR and so much more. While DISH didn’t remove buttons completely, the Voice Remote has a lot less clutter than you will find on a standard remote.

Another great feature is the touchpad, which responds based on the force of your finger and can scroll quickly or slowly through lists. The touchpad gives users much more control than standard buttons and streamline a lot of previously tedious tasks. For only $30 dollars, the Voice Remote is absolutely loaded with amazing technology.

DISH launched the Voice Remote, compatible with the Hopper 3 and 4K Joey, back in July to glowing reviews. Those fortunate enough to own or at least had a chance to test this device have been raving about its capabilities and ease of use.

Will Greenwald of PC Mag gave it four out of five stars (an “excellent” rating) and stated: “You don’t need the Dish Network Voice Remote for your Hopper 3, but it’s a really handy accessory. The simple ability to say a channel’s name into the remote to automatically switch to it is convenient, and if you have a handful of favorite channels scattered across the hundreds of options Dish has, it easily justifies the $30 price and earns our Editors’ Choice.”

Mike Prospero of Tom’s Guide gave this product an 8 out of 10 (a “totally worth it” rating) for a number of reasons: “While voice search is the most prominent feature of Dishꞌs new $30 remote, itꞌs the other things, such as backlit keys and a smaller, more hand-friendly design, that really make this a smart upgrade for Dish owners.”

While the reviews are great, the best way to learn more about the Voice Remote is to actually utilize it. Give PES Dish a call today in order to set up your new Hopper 3 or 4K Joey with Voice Remote!

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