Four Cooking and Food Related Shows You Can’t Miss On DISH Network

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June 20th, 2017 by

Food and television go together like peas in a pod. Some enjoy watching TV while eating a meal to pass the time, while others utilize it to learn how to cook a delicious meal. Whether you are watching to learn to cook for yourself, to impress a date or to entertain during a family gathering, there are a number of instructional programs across a variety of networks that can educate you on the art cooking.

DISH Network carries just about all of these networks and has many of the most popular cooking shows to view live or on demand, and in your living room or on the go. Whether you are streaming to your iPad in the kitchen while you make dinner or plopped in front of the television eating lunch, you can always find a time and place to enjoy a cooking show on DISH. If you don’t have service yet, give PES Dish a call today to get set up with a free next day installation!

Here’s a select few programs that you should keep in mind if you are looking for a top-notch cooking show to enjoy:


The Mind of a Chef, PBS

PBS is known for its informative programming and this show is no different. It goes inside the life of Los Angeles-based chef Ludo Lefebvre as he discusses his cooking philosophy and background. It shows, in painstaking detail, what it takes to become one of the most influential cooks in the country and how to stay relevant on a daily basis. The episodes tend to focus on a particular subject—such as a certain type of meat or special occasion like New Year’s—and dives into how Lefebvre utilizes it in his work.


Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, CNN

This is an interesting program for those looking for something a bit rougher around the edges than some of the other options we will cover. While it isn’t too risky of a watch—it is on CNN after all and all the cursing is bleeped out—Bourdain is a polarizing figure that has an outsized personality and opinions to match. The New Jersey native uses this platform to travel the world seeking adventure and the finest, yet relatively unknown cuisine that the local culture has to offer. He’s gone everywhere from Burma to Borneo, Cuba to the Congo and also hit many local spots—such as Charleston and Miami—on a mission of unearthing hidden gems for his audience.

CNN is part of most DISH Network packages and can be found on channel 200. Bourdain’s show airs in-season on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST, but can also be found on demand using the DISH Anywhere app or the CNN GO app.


Good Eats, Cooking Channel

Alton Brown is a renowned chef with a wealth of experience making a variety of dishes. He’s also one of the most popular chefs on television for a reason—he’s damn entertaining. This quirky cook will teach you how to make amazing meals that don’t take too much work. It also has a focus on helping you understand exactly what is going on and how you can put you own flourishes on the meal.

The Cooking Channel is quickly becoming one of the most popular networks for aspiring chefs to learn how to make food and is accessible on DISH’s America’s Top 200 tier of programming and higher.


Chopped, Food Network

Ted Allen is the host of one of the most popular food-based television shows of all time. Chopped has become a staying power for Food Network thanks to a tasty blend of action, drama, excitement and talented cooking. Since premiering in 2007, there have been over 400 episodes of Chopped, showcasing hundreds of chefs preparing thousands of deliciously unique fare. Contestants are ‘chopped’ from the show if their food doesn’t stack up to the rest by a panel of three notable judges until just one chef remains.

Food Network has been a cable staple since the mid 1990s and continues to reinvent itself as the years go on. The network has evolved from simple tutorials on crafting food to hosting a number of reality and game shows that revolve around the kitchen. DISH customers just need to tune to channel 110 or pop open the DISH Anywhere app to watch Food Network.

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